Selection pave the way for Turkey

In the elections to be held in June, the AK Party candidate for Ankara Candidate to make an application, indicating that Alptekin, answered questions on economy and politics.

Could you please introduce yourself?

1963 I was born in Çayırlı, Erzincan. I completed primary, secondary and high school education in Erzincan. My father was in contracting work, so as soon as I finished high school, I started my career. I came to Ankara in the 1980s. I won various universities, but I couldn’t go because of the work intensity. Then I graduated from the Business Administration Department of Eskişehir University. Thus, my father was completely thrown into business life. I did my military service in 1991. I got married in 1998. I’m a father of four. I played a role in the establishment of the Erzincan Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (ERSİAD). I am the second president of ERSİAD. I am the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alptekin Construction.

Can you tell us about Alptekin Construction?

We’re doing the profession. In the 1960s, my father started to undertake contracting. We’ve been doing this since. I’ve been in this business since I was a kid. In 1990, we established Alptekin Construction. Since then, we continue our activities as Alptekin Construction. Although our central Ankara Turkey’s four corners are doing business. We built dams, built ponds. We made irrigation and we continue to do the same speed. In addition to the contracting sector, we also do business in other sectors. We also operate in the oil sector with fuel stations. We have concrete manufacturing facilities and boutique hotels. We have a mine-exploration-operation license, and now we start it.


As a businessman, what would you say if you evaluate the last 15 years Turkey’s economy?

I think that Turkey’s economy gained a lot in the last 15 years. I believe that it has an important place in the world economy. We have to go at this speed. I think that Turkey’s jump last 15 years age. Our roads, high-speed trains, everything from airways to perfect work. Bridges were made. The Bosphorus is now under the sea. These things are really admirable.

Unfortunately, the terror does not stop us. We broke his back, I hope. We are an important geography. Land plot coupon. The world’s eye in Turkey. Therefore, we must be very cautious, be very careful. We have to keep investing. We have to develop our production feet as soon as possible. Production could increase the foot, then jumped to Turkey actual age.

We should give importance to agricultural production, animal production and mine. After all Turkey’s economy, the world economy will take place in the top rankings. We must close the import gap and expand our exports. This is known only by production.

How do you think Turkey is seen in the world?

Unfortunately, because our enemies Turkey and the arrival of the Turkish economy is also increasing. You are looking at a decision from the European Union. You’re looking at another decision from your parliament. The US speaks differently every time he goes. Turkey is aware of everything and sees everything. Turkey and its economy stands firmly. We as businessmen, Turkey’s economy to grow we must work with heart and soul and we must continue to invest. Always putting our hands under the stone, we will continue to work for Turkey.


What do you think is the top priority of the business world?

Of course the bureaucracy. Mr. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is also complaining about this issue. Bureaucracy sometimes puts our hands on our arms. At this point, the Presidential Government System is important. We believe that the new system will bring practical solutions to investors. In addition, we can experience difficulties due to the procurement law.

How do you assess the incentive and investment support packages implemented by the government?

The government’s incentive and support packages are very important for the business world. It is very important for the continuity of investments. These packages pave the way for investments. It also increases employment. Incentive and support packages are also important for increasing domestic production. For example, VAT and SCT cuts made in some sectors kept the market alive. I think that incentives should be improved. We expect new incentives to open the way for investors and domestic producers. We believe that the reforms will strengthen the employment pillar. I think agricultural production should be addressed as soon as possible. Because agricultural production means life. With the development of agricultural production will be developed in animal husbandry. Attention should be paid to incentives.

How do you think the early election decision affects the economy?

I think the early election decision is a positive step towards the future of the business world and the country. Selection pave the way for Turkey. stability of paramount importance for the growth and strengthening of Turkey’s economy. With the election, the uncertainties in the business world will disappear. Because the businessman, whether the trades, to invest in business, waiting for the selection to do. Now in 2 months the election will be over and the business world will see. Investments will continue after the election. Presidential System of Government is an important step taken regarding Turkey’s future. As business people, we will continue to turn the wheels of the economy. We believe that the economy will be further strengthened with post-election reforms and incentives.


As an experienced businessman, what advice do you make for young entrepreneurs?

Working hard is important. They also need to be brave. Don’t hesitate when you step in a job. Every business is actually an experience. There will be a lot of lessons to learn, even if the end is bad. And education is very important. Let them improve themselves. They shouldn’t be afraid to learn.

I would also like to point out that we have to pay attention to vocational high schools. Because there are no qualified staff. That is why we should open vocational high schools in organized industrial zones. We need to open vocational high schools. And we should give incentives for students to choose vocational high schools. In this way, we can go ahead of the accumulations in universities. Profession learning is very important. We need to create entrepreneurs. We have to give it weight. That’s why vocational high schools are very important. Maybe we’il raise tomorrow’s fabricators in those high schools.


People who have proven themselves in commercial life want to take on other roles. What do you think about this?
People who have come to a certain position in the business world may also assume other roles. Being the voice of the business world can take on new responsibilities to address the problems of the business world.

In order to be the voice of the business world, to express the problems and to take part in the projects related to the production, I applied to be the Candidate Candidate of Ankara from the AK Party in the elections to be held on June 24th. I want to enter the parliament to be the voice of the business world. I would like to convey our views and opinions about the business world to the parliament and find solutions for them there. We need to be in parliament to find asına what we can do better, how we can contribute to the business world “. Business relaxation means first of all employment. We have important projects. We must be in Parliament to implement these projects. We need to relax our firms, they need to sharpen their heads. I want to be the voice of the business world, the people of Ankara and Erzincans in the Assembly.

Why the AK Party?

The AK Party began to Turkey’s deeply impressed by the mobilization growth. I am confident that the AK Party, which does not only look at the issues critically, will achieve greater successes. The AK Party, Turkey in 2023 to be put between the most developed countries in the world think of us could move. AK Party for stability, the AK Party for trust, the AK Party for the future. In 2015, I became a candidate candidate for the Erzincan deputy from the AK Party. Our family comes from within politics. I am ready to work as a volunteer in the 2023 vision mobilization carried out by EC cadres.

You said that you are applying for being a candidate for Ankara Candidate Candidate. What do you think Ankara’s problems are?

I think Ankara does not need infrastructure or superstructure. Ankara’s districts need to pay attention. In addition, Ankara’s culture and tourism is developing. Ankara is limited. We will produce projects in this direction. Ankara does not have a zoo. We need to improve the nation and its surroundings.

Nice things, but not enough. The rail system needs to improve. The rail system is very important for cheaper transportation. We will endeavor to bring these projects to life.